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Sheet of Rainbowwood veneer

Aprox. 90cm by 30cm and 1.5mm thinckness


Birch veneer ecologically dyed in all the colors of the rainbow. 


Perfect for skateboards, custom colored products, inlay and a whole lot more. What will you make with it?! 


Carefully selected birch is a pleasure to colour. Our expertise is based on the control of colours during the dying process. In through dying we utilize environmentally friendly methods, which contains no harmful substances. We continuously develop our processes and technologies in order to achieve the best results.


We want our customers to be able to enjoy products made from through-dyed veneer for as long as possible. Thanks to through-dying, the colour penetrates through the entire thickness of the material, and the surface can be renewed by sanding without loss of colour. Through-dyed veneer allows for a longer product lifetime, thereby putting less of a burden on the environment.


Due to the nature of the wood, slight variations in color may apear from sheet to sheet. 


Sales Tax Included
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