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A touch of happiness!


Did you know?! 

Rainbowwood is made right here in my workshop.

But what about mother nature?!

I love wood, too much, not to care! All the ingredients and the process is completely environmental friendly.

The raw material – birch veneers – is sourced from sustainable forests and also the colored veneers are dyed ecologically.

What's Rainbowwood made of?

Rainbowwood is made of laminated birch veneers. Every piece of wood is FSC Certified (FSC certification guarantees that the products are responsibly sourced and made.)

Can I use every kind of finish?

Yes! You can get the best result as with most projects with a sanding with a fine grid.

Watch how the colors come to live after 240grid and finish, it's really beautiful. 


I wouldn't suggest alcohol based products as they intend to transfer the colors.


Other questions?

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